Fotodiox Pro PRONTO Adapter - Leica M-Mount Lens to Sony E-Mount w/Autofocus Mk II

Regular price $435.99

This is the MkII version of the adapter. Improved performance and better operation in single and continuous AF modes.

Whether you want the novelty of having autofocus functionality for your Leica M-mount lenses on your Sony E-mount body or your eyesight is somewhat less impressive than your lens collection, this little wonder will get you there! Optimized for lenses 50mm or wider - some prefocusing required for longer lenses when shooting shorter distances.  The manufacturer recommends lenses of 2 lb/900g or less in weight. 

This unit can be used in combination with other lens adapters that have a Leica M-mount on the camera side should you want to explore autofocus with other brands of manual-focus lens. There's a thought!

See the manufacturer promotional video by clicking here for more information.