So, here we are!

Posted by Ward Rosin on

Challenging job market. Challenging world. Why start a new business in the midst of all of these challenges?

First of all, as a casualty of the decreased demand in the job market, I was faced with a big change. It didn't take long to get the idea that I could merge my interest in IT with photography - my first love since the age of 11. 

During this COVID-19 quarantine, I found new meaning in being at home and with family. This new business is a product of this new reality.

We are real people!

By buying products from us, you are keeping our lights on and helping pay for our kids' education. It's important for you to know that I will do my level best to get you the best service and support in the event you encounter problems along the way. As we start things up we are putting a tip jar on checkout on our site. If you find you value our interactions or just want to say thank you with some extra change, we'd appreciate it. 

All the best and thanks for visiting! I hope we can build a great relationship and you can help me determine what you need to help with your hobby or professional journey in photography. We can make truly make it a win-win!

Ward Rosin and Family